Announcing the Early Childhood Education Professional Development Organization

Shippensburg University, in partnership with 3 PASSHE sister universities (4 total) will create an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Professional Development Organization at PASSHE (ECEPDO@PASSHE) that connects four (4) HUB areas across the state which could ultimately advance through every PASSHE institution. Based on data and results gather from sponsored programs and projects, Shippensburg University has identified the fundamental pieces necessary for the early childhood community‚Äôs educational advancement with credit bearing work and will disseminate this information to other schools in a collaborative manner while engaging regional partners in their outreach. 

Shippensburg University coordinated an approach with three other sister PASSHE schools; Edinboro in the Northwest Region, Lock Haven in the Central Region, East Stroudsburg in the Northeast Region and Shippensburg in the Southwest Region. This is the first time that the PASSHE system has institutions collaborating across the Commonwealth to coordinate an aligned approach that is cohesive and clear for the field of early childhood and leveraging all community-based partnerships to support the process. This is groundbreaking work as the ECE PDO@PASSHE will develop a cross region systematic model with the early childhood faculty from the institutions developing the coursework structure and delivery methods that are innovative, aligned, and completely transferrable across the PASSHE system. This is a revisioning of the delivery of higher education and a systematic change for the partnering institutions.

The early childhood professional will have a clear understanding of coursework, alignment, credits, credentials, and certifications with consistent access to highly qualified faculty who can offer academic and career counseling that is personalized and easy to access. The PASSHE early childhood faculty have close relationships with the early childhood workforce and understand the needs of the field. The community ties, represented by our partnerships with grant work, also compliment the aspect of relationships that the ECEPDO@PASSHE exemplifies.