Early Childhood Education Professional Development Organization at PASSHE (ECEPDO@PASSHE)

The faculty of the ECEPDO@PASSHE will guide the effort to build an efficient and effective framework for early childhood educators’ career development. This is a highly connective process. The Faculty will build on lessons learned from our early childhood outreach, our prior grant work and the collaborative apprenticeships with working professionals. This Early Care and Education Professional Development Organization at PASSHE (ECEPDO@PASSHE) is informed by other grant work which helped to meet the needs of the state’s current early childhood education workforce and to develop a systematic pathway of credentialing towards certification in the field of early childhood.

1. A “Connecting-Tour” – This “Connecting Tour” provides a vehicle through which the early childhood community can share their strengths, success, and celebrations with the PDO staff. They may also share their ongoing needs for professional development, helping to shape the needs-based assessment for regional advancement.

2. Revised and updated early childhood coursework and student cohorts, especially for non-English speaking students.

3. Early Childhood Liaisons, who are competent in the work of the early childhood provider and professional and understand the needs of the area.

4. The Center for Early Childhood at Shippensburg University, founded during the work of the Early Childhood Pathway Grant, will be leveraged as an avenue for a multitude of services throughout the work of the ECEPDO@PASSHE.

5. Cohorts in areas with diverse populations where it is difficult to access higher education opportunities and access to internet may be more difficult.

6. Early Childhood Education coursework through online, mixed delivery and traditional methods during non-traditional hours and/or at off-campus locations

7. Early Childhood Apprenticeship as a way to earn and learn

8. Tuition assistance